Welcome to the Javorek Center

Welcome to the Javorek Center


Have you reached a sticking point in your training? Has your progress stagnated for ages? Are you bored with your program or exercises you have done for years? Maybe you are a coach and you have run out of training exercises and ideas. Perhaps you are someone who just wants to improve their over-all level of fitness.

The javorek Center is the only place on the internet where you can work with the unique strength and conditioning exercises and programs created by Coach Istvan Javorek - trainer of Olympions and World Champions and elite athletes the world over.

For just $10 a month (or $99 per year),you get custom workouts designed for your specific level of fitness and for your specific sport If you're a coach, We have special rates to cover all the athletes on your team or at your school.Pay one annual fee and get customized for each athlete!


  • This guy has trained olympians

    Let me tell you something about this guy. he is the nicest, humblest, coach i have talked to. As a young strength coach it's hard to find anyone who will give you information let alone the time of day.

  • Way ahead of his time!

    This is my coach and he is way ahead of his time!  i have learned so much from him and will take as many weight lifting classes from him that i am able to!